Welcome to Pro-Groom The Dog Grooming Professionals

Welcome to Pro-Groom The Dog Grooming Professionals

Welcome to Pro-Groom The Dog Grooming ProfessionalsWelcome to Pro-Groom The Dog Grooming Professionals

Our Building at 1924 E. Arrowhead Ave

After 30 years on Center street , in 2013, we  purchased  it is an old historic building ( know as the Tamale Pot) , that we totally remodeled .   It was originally a Carnation Milk distributor and then was a restaurant for many decades.  It has worked out very well for the business.  Just look for the blue building with the barber pole out front.  

Interview with Owner Denise Dean in 2011


 Flagstaff Business News talked with Denise Dean, owner of Pro Groom 

FBN: How did you come to be in this line of work?

Dean: I was looking for a job that worked with Animals when I was finishing high school and had thought I would like to be a veterinarian but at that time (1970) it was very hard for a woman to get into vet school. So I decided to go to grooming school instead and have been doing it ever since.

FBN: Is your career today what you always envisioned for yourself?

Dean: I have alway been very happy working for myself and with the additions of showing , breeding and now judging dogs, it is everything I could of asked for.

FBN: What are some of the biggest changes coming to your industry

Dean: There are so few people who really want to learn the trade today. Most are being trained to just do the quick and simple groomings and very few have any interest in the more specialized scissor cuts. More people get the grooming done at the big box retailers where they really do not receive any personalized service.

FBN: Which changes would you like to see in government as it relates to business?

Dean: We have been lucky that government regulation has not really impacted our industry but of course we would like to see payroll taxes go down, especially social security.

FBN: What is something about your business people would find surprising?

Dean: Many people think that is is easy to learn (dog grooming) but it takes many years to learn to do a really good job and how to handle the dogs safely and well.

FBN: For many years you have been active in the local dog community and you have an international reputation for breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs. Describe your interests.

Dean: I have been involved with showing and breeding dogs since 1975; my first breed was Old English sheep dogs followed by Bernese Mnt. dogs in 1979 and Portuguese Water dogs in 1983. I have been active with the American Kennel Club and the Flagstaff Kennel club ever since. in 1997 I became an AKC Judge and now judge the entire herding and working groups Plus 12 Non-Sporting breeds and Best in show.  We have bred over 100 Champions and showed our dogs and judged in several countries and all over the U.S.

One of our male Bernese was the Number one Male BMD in the United States in 1988. I continue to be involved with all aspects of breeding, showing and judging.